Hyaku Jikko

This Japanese inn is a comfy friendly place with an at home atmosphere. Very reasonably priced they only take 1 group per night and that has to be from 4 to 12 people at the most.

Using rice and vegetables grown in the surrounding fields they also serve fish caught locally (the sea is 1 hour away) and deer and wild boar from the mountains directly behind the accommodation.

The concept

Hyaku jikko is owned by villagers who formed a cooperative to run the business as well as their main jobs which are hunting and farming.

At 8000 Yen a night per person including 2 meals (10000 on weekends) this is a very affordable place to stay and though not new and shiny it is clean and has a nice feel to the traditional rooms and house.

They will also come and pick up your group at the nearest train station (Sonbe JR)

large wooden bathtub

guest room

Spot Data

Hyaku jikko
Miyamacho Joshi, Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture 601-0753

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