The region of Miyama is located about 50 kilometres from Kyoto station.
By car it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
From Kyoto station there are two routes.
  •  The first follows route 9 and then the highway (Kyoto Jyukando towards Fukuchiyama), get off the highway at Sonobe and follow signs for Hiyoshi (route 19). Follow route 19 until you get to Miyama, then turn left on route 368 go through the tunnel and continue for about 3 minutes until you see our thatched cottage Hayabusa on your left hand side, there are tolls on the highway.
  •  The scenic route takes about the same time, but is a little harder to find your way and not recommended in bad weather or if you are not a confident driver as the road is narrow and windy in places. This route follows route 162 towards Keihoku, then just stay on 162 all the way to Miyama. Finding 162 from Kyoto city is the tricky part, you will need a map or a navigation system.

When using a navigation system you can use the address and / or the phone number of the Miyama tourist association. This is located centrally in the Miyama region and a convenient place to arrive with a public toilet, shop and gasoline stand all in one location.

Miyama tourist association
Shimo-23 Miyamachō Agake, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu post code 601-0722
Telephone number : 0771-75-1906
  •  If you are using public transport you need to take a train to Sonobe from Kyoto which takes 46 minutes. Then you can take a bus, but they are infrequent and its not easy if you don’t speak any Japanese, its the cheapest method of transport for those who want an adventure.
  •  If you are staying overnight in Miyama most of the places to stay offer a free (or very reasonable gasoline fee) shuttle service from Sonobe station.

It takes a little extra effort to get here, but the rewards are worth it. The beautiful countryside and traditional way of life offer a unique experience of the real Japan.

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