Miyama Suisen an SAI

Positioned on the banks of the picturesque Yura river, this restaurant is an old farmhouse that has been restored with a stylish touch. The owners who run the restaurant did much of the restoration themselves and all the family help out with preparing and serving the food. They serve traditional Japanese set lunches varying in content according to the seasonably available produce.

The concept

Focusing on local seasonal food such as sweet fish (from the Yura river) the lunches range in Price from 1800 Yen to 2800 Yen. They also serve a number of types of Sake only available for purchase here in Miyama Suisen an SAI produced by Philip Harper (the first foreigner to be acknowledged as a Master Sake brewer), including Philips Miyama Sake (“Waku waku Kyo Miyama”). Located on the way to Kayabuki no Sato (about 5 mins by car) its a convenient place to stop for lunch.

Kura where you can taste some Sake

Inside seating


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Suisen an Sai
Wa Ku Wheel Ku Miyama Liquor Store, Shimokaruno-54-1 Miyamacho Uchikubo, Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture 601-0724

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