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This is a special little family owned, family run cafe and shop, located slightly south and west of Kayabuki no sato (thatched cottage village).
This cafe is open for lunch and has a simple menu primarily featuring eggs and pork raised by the owners in their nearby farm. They also serve a range of hand made cakes and drinks.

the Owners

The owners

The couple who own and run the cafe can often be found behind the counter and in the kitchen, their philosophy is to grow and raise the ingredients themselves, so that the food is not only tasty, but safe and wholesome. They look after their animals with great care and use no artificial flavourings or preservatives in their dishes. They sell meat (mostly pork), eggs and a few other items in the shop as well as running the cafe.


The cafe itself is made from wood harvested from trees planted by the owners great grandfather. This is an old tradition being lost in modern-day Japan where each family owns a small mountain and each generation plants trees and looks after the forrest for the generations yet to come. The log cabin style construction is warm and welcoming. Their are also tables outside.


Lunch is either an egg, lettuce and bacon sandwich or a sausage platter. Both feature meat raised on their own farm although the sausage platter also has a venison sausage with wild deer hunted in the local forests as well as several different types of pork sausage.

Hot drinks include chai, coffee and tea and the home made desserts are a must. Featuring seasonal local fruits and herbs such as blueberry roll cake or cherry blossom chiffon cake.

Sausage platter



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Omoshiro Nomin club
Ikenotani-33 Uchikubo Miyama-cho Nantan-shi Kyoto-fu

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