Miyama Milk

In the main market place in Miyama (Fureai hiroba) Miyama Milk has their small bottling facility and shop. For 30 years they have been producing milk and more recently opened an ice cream and gelato parlor. They also make some tasty cheeses and other deserts.

The concept

The Miyama region is deep in the countryside and people have been keeping cows here for many generations. Previously a means of transport and farming equipment, now Miyama milk is the main use of cows here.

The cows are carefully looked after and treated and fed well, while not fully organic the Milk is of a high standard. It has a rich creamy flavor and makes for great gelato. They make frozen yoghurt also for those who like less fat and sugar. Each season brings special flavors like chestnut in the Autumn and strawberry in the Spring.

Gelato flavors

Gelato cone

The staff

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Miyama Milk
Shimo-23 Miyamachō Agake, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu

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