Herbalist Club

Herbalist club offers tea and cakes with a special focus on herbs. Herbal blends of various varieties are carefully combined with home made cakes. On the weekends they do a Lunch menu also. The herbs come from their own impressive herb garden right outside the cafe, in total they have around 150 types of herb.

The owners fell in love with and moved to Miyama some 20 years ago. Miyama has distinct seasons with large temperature gradients between day and night, ideal for herbs and other plants. The owners also operate nature guides and snow shoe hiking tours.
Offering regular tea and coffee along with the herbal blends this is a popular spot and people come from all over Japan to see their herb garden.

Herbs and flowers

Outside table

Herb garden

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Herbalist Club
Ebisudō-49-3 Miyamachō Nozoe, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu

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