Saiphon Tei

Saiphon Tei is a small thatched cottage that provides accommodation for one group per night. The house is located in a very quiet spot with great views. After reforming the house it keeps all its rustic charm but is a little more convenient.
The Irori (Japanese hearth) is always a treat as well as the large bath made from Japanese cedar.

The owners

After moving from Kyoto in 2009 the couple who run Saiphon Tei have continued to run a coffee business. They buy high quality beans from around the world and blend them into their own unique flavor. You can try their coffee if you stay with them and home made cake. Prices for 1 night and two meals start from 15000 Yen per person and a cheaper rate for kids.

Japanese cedar bathtub


Coffee making

Spot Data

Siphon Tei
Hirohata-17 Miyamachō Ōno, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu

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