Miyama FUTON and Breakfast thatched cottages

This is a family owned family run business with 2 thatched roof cottages, which are rented out to one group per night. One is an old beautiful cultural heritage building called Hanabusa and the other Kaya villa is a modern take on a thatched roof still maintaining a traditional feel and blending it with modern convenience.

We invite you to stay under a thatched roof, one of the oldest art forms in the world. Designed to blend in with the environment Thatched roof houses are cool in the summer heat and the air is always fresh because the roof itself breathes.

We have a traditional Japanese hearth and a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook in or you could have a meal brought in by caterers or eat out at one of Miyamas several restaurants. We offer a number of activities such as a guided bicycle tour, Japanese cooking experience and bamboo workshop.

Yoshiko Nishio the owner and host for the guests

Hanabusa cottage

The Japanese hearth has always been a place to gather, eat and drink together with friends and family.

The fully cooked breakfast is made with local ingredients in Hanabusa and is a simple self service in Kaya villa.

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美山 FUTON & Breakfast
〒601-0751 京都府南丹市美山町島英サ 29
0771-75-5125 (営業時間・定休日)通年

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