Matabe is located in the heart of Kayabuki no Sato, the thatched village in Miyama. This is the most popular spot for sight seeing in Miyama as therefore tends to have more visitors than most places. Still during the morning and evenings the few staying overnight here will get a real taste of village life without any tourists.

The concept

The view from the Garden as you can see is very special, this area is a natural heritage site and is full of old architecture. The farming self subsistence way of life can still be seen and this small and simple inn offers a way to experience that lifestyle a little. From around 9000 Yen you can enjoy 2 meals and stay overnight in one of 3 simple but pleasant Japanese rooms.

View from the rooms

Thatched roof


Spot Data

Shimomaki-25 Miyamachōkita, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu

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