A traditional Japanese Inn located centrally in the Miyama region. This family run thatched cottage is lovely example of Japanese architecture and they serve high quality food made primarily from Miyama ingredients (rice, vegetables, fish, wild boar, deer). In the summer months they also provide meals only service as a restaurant.

The concept

This is a Ryokan style Inn is the full Japanese experience, but don't expect anyone to speak English. If you want to do things the Japanese way this is a great option. To stay in the thatched cottage (rooms not the whole cottage) starts at 15000 Yen per person with breakfast and dinner. For their non thatched accommodation its around 10000 Yen for the night with breakfast and dinner.


Thatched cottage

Annex accommodation

Spot Data

Nozaki-2-1 Miyamachō Nagao, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu

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