This is about as quiet and secluded as you can find anywhere in Japan. Its on the edge of the Miyama region near the sasari pass. Its an ideal place to spend a few days in the wilderness and especially popular with people who like to fish. High up the valley the river is pristine and if you buy a fishing pass (sold at Harimaya) you can try to catch some fish.

The concept

This is a family run Japanese style inn with really nice old Japanese rooms and a quiet spacious layout. There is a small cafe which serves lunch and cakes using wild herbs wherever possible and Deer meat from the surrounding mountains. Its a reasonably priced lodge with a 2 meal 1 night stay starting at 8600 Yen.

Local wild boar meat



Spot Data

Chieta-1 Miyamachō Sasari, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu

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