A completely Japanese experience Chinsenro is a high quality "Ryokan" inn with a small number of Japanese style rooms for guests. A family run family owned business with over 100 years of history, the service is high quality, the rooms are pristine and the food is excellent. The lady who manages the inn is an expert in Japanese flower arrangement and can offer this as an activity if requested in advance. Chinsenro also welcomes families with small children which can be an issue in some Japanese Ryokans.


The building is a wooden frame typical of Japanese architecture and the rooms are all Tatami (straw) mat flooring and futons. The baths are separated into mens and womens (typical in Japan) and the water is takes from the local stream and heated up. The dining room and most of the guest rooms overlook the forest and the stream in a quiet location.

The food is excellent and uses local vegetables, rice, chicken and fish. In the Autumn and Winter time you can also have wild boar "nabe" or hot pot.

The staff don't speak English so be prepared to use gestures and things will be fine.

1 night with two meals starts at 18,000Yen and can be more for more elaborate meal plans. Its well worth that if you want the full Japanese experience.

Satoyama kaiseki course dinner

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Miyamachonaka, Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture 601-0713

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