Tautasha is more than just a place to eat although they do offer excellent lunches as well as guided nature walks, rafting, canyoning and all kinds of outdoor activities. They also offer accommodation. Tautasha is a community and the staff and owners work together to make it all possible.

The concept

The founder of Tautasha came to Miyama as a young man and decided to settle here. He built the cafe, lodgings, toilets and everything else by himself with the help of his family and staff. Real food, real experiences and being close to nature form the heart of Tautasha. Hunting deer and wild boar in the local mountains that feature in their set lunches. The home made deer sausage lunch is my favorite and comes with home baked bread or home grown rice and vegetables. They keep ducks and goats and several dogs for hunting so its really a fun place to take kids.

Deer sausage platter

Canyoning, one of Tautashas many activities

Cafe interior

Spot Data

Kamigonami-1-1 Miyamachō Tauta, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu

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