Kitamura Soba

A Soba restaurant located in Kayabuki no Sato and run by the villagers. Its a simple restaurant that uses buckwheat grown in the fields next to the restaurant. They also serve some local meat and sausages here and have a full English and Chinese restaurant. The restaurant itself has a thatched roof.

The concept

The Soba is made every morning on the premises and you can watch the chef at work through a glass window. Making hand cut buckwheat noodles is a skill that takes years to perfect. For around 800 Yen this is a great option for a light lunch near Kayabuki no sato.

Rolling the dough


making the noodles

Spot Data

Kitamura Soba
Ageshi-19-1 Miyamachōkita, Nantan-shi, Kyōto-fu
〒601-0712 京都府南丹市美山町北揚石19-1

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